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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PPEX?
    PPEX is an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (ATS) owned by North Capital Private Securities. The PPEX ATS strives to bridge the gap between public and private markets by providing shareholders an organized platform that gives them an opportunity to exit their positions in private companies, funds and securities without relying on traditional liquidity events such as IPOs, acquisitions, and liquidations, while allowing new investors access to these investments through secondary market transactions. By creating an organized market for secondary trading of private and other exempt securities, PPEX aims to increase access, transparency, liquidity and improve investor outcomes in private markets.
  • How is PPEX different from other ATS platforms?
    The PPEX ATS offers investors access to liquidity through a structured, regulated alternative trading venue and plays an important role by serving two segments: private companies and pre-IPO securities. Private companies (issuers) can potentially access new pools of capital by encouraging the development of secondary markets for their securities and investors can access secondary shares of private investments and other non-listed securities, including late-stage private companies, private funds, special situations and other exempt securities. The PPEX ATS offers increased transparency for investors through market-based price discovery.
  • What is the process of listing my shares for sale?
    In order to list your shares, we request that you fill in the following client questionnaire in addition to authorizing our due diligence team to perform KYC/AML and verify the ownership of your shares. After the due diligence is completed you sign a firm order ticket where you’ll specify the terms of the sale. A member of our team can discuss each step in more detail with you.
  • Will my company be supportive in the sale of the shares in the secondary market?
    While private companies are generally receptive to employees transacting their shares in the secondary market to achieve liquidity, each company has their own way to handle those transactions internally. A member of our team can explain more.
  • Do you require a minimum transaction size?
    We do not require a minimum transaction size and analyze each private transaction structure case by case.
  • How much is the commission?
    Commission fee varies based on transaction size or the specific structure of the private market investment. We follow typical industry standards charging commissions up to 5%.
  • What is PPEX?
    The PPEX ATS is an alternative trading system that facilitates the trading of private securities. It is available to banks, broker-deals, RIAs, and other institutional investors. When Issuers have a broker of record, they can also access PPEX to provide secondary transactions to existing investors.
  • How can PPEX be useful in helping my current investors find liquidity?
    The PPEX ATS allows broker-dealers, funding platforms and issuers to offer liquidity solutions to their current investors on their proprietary platforms via API.
  • Can PPEX be integrated with my existing platform?
    Yes, our standards-based API toolkit can be quickly and easily integrated into any platform allowing clients to control the trading experience for investors.
  • Does PPEX handle the settlement of securities?
    Upon execution, all trades effected through the PPEX ATS will be settled directly between buyer and seller. This is typically facilitated by the issuer and transfer agent.
  • What type of securities are eligible for trading?
    To be listed and traded on the PPEX ATS, the security must be exempt from registration and uncertificated in form. PPEX will consider listing securities that have been tokenized through electronic representation of the security, subject to the listing terms and conditions herein. The security may be common equity, preferred equity, junior debt, senior debt, hybrid security, etc. This includes securities from capital raises under Regulation D, A+, and CF.
  • What are your costs and fees?
    For information on pricing and to learn more about how PPEX can be beneficial in helping provide liquidity to your existing investors please contact a member of our team at or fill out the form below.

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