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PPEX for Companies

Tailored solutions allowing issuers to provide their investors with secondary liquidity options

Shared Office

PPEX provides issuers with a marketplace to facilitate secondary transactions and offers your current investor base an easy and secure way to buy and sell securities. The SEC registered ATS integrates closely with North Capital’s API stack, and can be directly connected to your existing website or mobile app. We serve:

Serial Issuers

Real Estate Sponsors 

Broker Dealers

Private Funds

Reg A+ Issuers 

See how our clients use PPEX to help their current investors unlock liquidity in exempt, private securities.


As of 12/1/22 PPEX had matched more than 220,000 trades for a total value of over $12 million.


Order Types 

The PPEX ATS allows for two types of orders: Limit Orders (with price either displayed or not displayed), and Request for Quotes which represents an indication of interest for a specific security.

Market Hours

Control how and when your securities trade.

Order Acceptance: 24/7

Order matching:  (within the established market hours) 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Eastern



The PPEX ATS rules and procedures are designed to meet regulatory compliance for SEC Registered ATSs.  



All orders and executed trades are recorded and retained by the PPEX ATS in a permanent, immutable order log in compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4. 

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