Accelerating the evolution of private markets.

PPEX provides access, liquidity, and transparency for investors in the secondary market.

Investors can access secondary shares of private investments and other non-listed securities, including late-stage private companies, private funds, special situations and other exempt securities.


The PPEX ATS offers investors access to liquidity through a structured, regulated alternative trading venue.  Primary issuers can potentially access new pools of capital by encouraging the development of secondary markets for their securities. 


The PPEX ATS offers increased transparency for investors through market-based price discovery and access to new sources of liquidity.


Why PPEX? 

Simple Trading

The PPEX ATS provides users a straight-forward interface.  Easily place trades or submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) to gauge market interest before placing a firm order.  

Backed by Experience

The PPEX ATS is operated by North Capital, a leading provider of technology and brokerage services for private offerings.  The PPEX team's decades of experience in private markets and understanding of the nuances of private offerings have shaped the development of the secondary exchange to deliver a compliant and streamlined user experience. 

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